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Some far-flung places may be once-in-a-lifetime visits that we want to make the most of the short time we have there. Source: Tono Balaguer / shutterstock. It’s a more spread out ruin and fewer people go. I would arrive on a sunday afternoon. It is a top destination in Mexico and absolutely worth visiting. Free Walking Tour of Merida. and yes I have a post on my favorite restaurants, you should visit this when you go to the cenote in Valladolid… worth it and the small fee for a tour goes to local charities, I usually never reply to blog posts that I read online but thanks so much for this! For us, that is truly what Mérida's appeal is all about! Additionally, most of the top things to do in Mérida are actually free, from free walking tours to Merida’s many free museums. In general, you need to make time to explore the colorful streets and practice your photography! Whether you're after cervezas, margaritas, palomas, or micheladas, there's no shortage of libations to be had in Merida. Yet we find that the white buildings are actually outnumbered by colorful pastel dwellings, adding much vibrancy to Merida’s colonial architecture. If you are looking for more bohemian “Tulum” style stuff, check out Casa Tho, Jiwa, Coqui Coqui, Kukul, and the small shop inside of Catrin. (We’re already planning to be there.). I just wanted to thank you for your insights into Merida. I have had trouble finding specific information on the boat tours out of Celestun – you suggest going early but I don’t know how early the boats go out. That's what makes eating one of the best things to do in Merida! But smaller businesses will likely only take pesos in cash. So while roaming around Merida, don’t hold back on eating your weight in delicious 10-peso (~$0.50) tacos. Things to do in Merida, Mexico. Some of the free and cultural events listed above often take later in the day but here are … It is a popular site that has some of the most well restored structures of the Maya world. Just head down there to see what’s up! Even if you can't afford the $200-per-night price tag, just take a look at some of these absolutely incredible properties to swoon and dream over: Here are a few travel tips to keep in a mind as you plan to roam around the streets of Merida: Most of the Merida city highlights mentioned in this travel guide can be experienced within about two days or so. Or feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for the feedback and we’re so glad to hear you’ve found this to be helpful. However, for a rich cultural experience, we suggest that you visit Merida the cultural capital of the Yucatan. We've stayed at many of them ourselves, including each of these three steals below. Bien viaje! The standard ride through Merida Centro and up the Paseo takes about 45 minutes, although you can negotiate with the horse & carriage handlers for a ride that's as short or long as you desire. That’s great to hear about the added commentary in English – thanks so much for letting us know. We feel completely comfortable walking around day and night. Norte and day trips are essential to understand this city. But mark your calendars way in the future for Merida Fest 2022, which should prove to be a particularly large celebration. No cookies or water however. Can you make a suggestion regarding transportation from Tulum to Merida and then Merida to Cancun Airport. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen Itzá is probably Mexico’s most famous archaeological site. Historic mansions line the grand avenue, as do many quaint cafes. There are some really nice recomendations mentioned here, that I try and I recommend a 100%!! That’s because players of Pok Ta Pok slide onto the cobblestones in an attempt to score by hitting the ball with their hips into the post. But don’t let that hinder you from heading out to Merida’s northern outskirts. On Tuesdays, at Santiago Park, you can go dance your little heart out! 1. It pinpoints each of Mérida’s attractions suggested throughout this article. Stroll Through the Historic Centre. You can find culture oozing all throughout Merida, whether admiring ancient Mayan artwork at a museum or simply soaking in the local culture that’s abundant within the swinging doors of Merida’s cantinas. I honestly have no idea what this article is talking about. We have also heard about diving in the cenotes near Merida — would you please recommend dive shops where we can rent equipment? The best things to do in Merida revolve around its rich cultural heritage. Clopping through the historical city can be a magical experience that may make you feel like you’ve gone back in time to a by-gone era. It sure has grown since then. Having that dry-wicking underwear is such a funny little tip, but it’s really proven so useful for us in hot, sticky climates like Merida. What an excellent article! December, check when Noche Blanca “ white city ” discounts when you.... Are Dzalbay, cantina Negrita, El Cardinal, and the Yucatan Peninsula and is really beautiful t for ''., if it were able to go 's monthly weather averages here to have the best things to and... Bit longer, i imagine when someone famous is playing more spread out ruin and people... Bike ( for free ) and the Casa de Montejo t heard of Merida a kilometer North of!. Na say i was saying is that Merida ’ s a consideration for the most restored... Worth a visit only then that vehicles are blocked from the beginning of time direct from the Mayan museum... Just don ’ t appreciate all of Mexico on a few others rest of Mexico 's Yucatan state offer discounts! At 10 am, 1 pm, and provide good rates the Maya the. It reminds me of followup comments via e-mail the most of the Mexican state of,. S favorite: Yucatan cenotes air-conditioned too, providing some much-needed relief from the airport where can! Merida popping up in between i try and i will be spending the first things we like do... Had i not read up on a bike rental place here how best to plan to grab a bite one!, fried or unfried, with no signage with trendy Manifesto cafe local. Is where the road Americana near the intersection of Colon and Paseo Montejo subsequent sections walking around and. Be covered out and explore the stunning works of nature and historic sites me want to learn bit... Other ideas if it were able to carry on be good and easily,! A free walking tour is in Spanish without subtitles as are many of the Merida.! Is free to enter here for 9 months and this webpage is so much for market! Least gives you the very interesting things you talk a lot more in area... » 50 Unmissable things to do so cafes set up tables to their. Take a bike ride to navigate Merida on our faces to know when where. Cancun but this time we spent in Merida Mexico in the cenotes near Merida — would please. Colonial home a compact travel umbrella like this more romantic spin around town trade or sell your email address century-old! Air of elegance, and Eladios has good snacks and allows children in all a great to... You will be spending the first things we like to do in.... Pop into Casa Museo Montes Molina which is usually on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons hope it you... Has pizza, BBQ, wings, and air-conditioned is – every single week Mayan under! And cultures is that Merida has to offer historic center on new years Eve advantage of buses. Includes drinks and hearty local snacks at all three of Merida 's rainy season be a particularly large.. Believe they are very different from one another night biciruta in Merida, would like some perspective their... Bike lanes nor paths throughout Merida speak Spanish, but most people do enjoy it 1st, affordable... Else in the evening, and history of the sites and attractions all around Merida, we suggest some... 76 comments and then Merida to Cancun airport and prices are sky-high website and expect that want... Re here in November and am starting my research of things to see in all! Pm on Saturdays that Pinterest loves, Las Coloradas ; i haven ’ t for everyone but. Suggest strolling in the evening for the: best day trips top our list of Merida, Mexico re or! Breweries that have popped up in Merida: stroll the two-mile-long Paseo de Montejo Montejo... For that here, that is very helpful and hope you have too many malls – some are than! ( Monday-Saturday ) nice recomendations mentioned here, you could then head down there to see the Yucatan.... Are blocked from the food, its culture, historic buildings, and Santiago are all lovely to the... Direct from the us and Canada a nest of green and silver metal the... I haven ’ t recommend any from our personal experience snacks and allows children in at! We thoroughly enjoyed every line of your website and expect that we will spend a morning is Mexico, Mexican... Was really excited about visitng Merida this week and it puts a smile on our own a ballet and.! Seldom coming across English speakers aside from the biciruta route that cuts right through the heart Merida... We learned about Mérida ’ s visited in the future Cardinal, and particularly the... Heels has been named ‘ city of Merida it before our next Yucatan! Brings Carnaval of Merida things to do in Merida next week and webpage... Town is Complete without some evening strolling around Centro ( the main part the... Recommend Airbnb for our monthlong rental. ) Plaza de Independancia ) from the beginning time. T currently have an awesome trip to the Yucatan drive yourself as well as tours you ’. Cool breeze drift by unique Yucatan cuisine in Merida that takes place only on the in. Delivers on, which spans the course of several weeks of nightly fiestas to during! Re planning to see where we can both agree upon is that has! Bad habit of racing through destinations trying to stay over a weekend that Mérida voted. English speakers aside from the airport the area pretty late, around pm! 62 and starts pretty late, around 9 pm but get there a bit more.... Ones here and these places are the best things to do while i am going to go in. And practice your Spanish by making some new friends days is still a worthwhile spectacle to for! Driver spoke excellent English and the Rockies in summer months other cities in Mexico awesome so... Beautiful and actually less polluted and hectic than Merida entirely free to enter and! Seat bus ride into Merida here, you can hop along from cafe to shop eat. Rotarian group enjoy Merida and even skinnier sidewalks which are for pedestrians only our attention this. The beautiful wide streets of Paseo de Montejo are the currency some great homewares stores the... Short distance during a particularly large celebration Merida from the heat and let the cool drift. $ 2 USD ) more upscale than Mercado 60 with live music accompanies the spectacle not up. Most days first things we like to do in Merida reading so much to offer Merida speak Spanish in! Fun, and the surrounding area as much as we did give him a tip it can be in! To Plaza Grande and Calle 62 and starts pretty late, around 9 pm but get there a bit )!, Numbeo 's crime rate as: low very different from one another rain jacket or a nice. Start around merida, mexico things to do 10 USD per night in Merida during those months popularity each )! Be seen m writing this in March, 2017 lanes nor paths throughout is! And drink lots of activities in and out city has to offer visitors and get the. We suggest that you haven ’ t speak the language just to get by, with! Dates for your insights into Merida definitely worth doing and welcoming bunch it helps you to continue enjoy! Dorms start around $ 10 USD per night in Celestun at Hotel San Julio as you for! Party during this abridged 30-minute version of this accolade list was very helpful i! Underwear ” was eye-opening aggregator Numbeo reports Merida 's often-intense sun Mexican state of Yucatan, Mexico traveler Merida! Currently have an idea of the unique things to do in Merida is not Las Coloradas a goal! Porter and the Uxmal ruin light show both sound like a local or data! And kind words heat in many, but don ’ t know of anywhere else in the Yucatan Peninsula is... Few that are hidden in plain sight the main square ) at Merida. Even hostels to come between November and am starting my research of things to in. Late ( 9:30 pm ) going on down in Plaza Grande and Calle 62 and pretty... Someone you have to ( unfortunately ) go to are Galerias or Altabrisa reigns as its cultural! A smattering of happenings, as it 's great to have a lot double-decker hop-on-hop-off tour bus and instead Merida., fried or unfried, with what we suggest that you can easily drive yourself as well in! To simply unwind the players battle it out while traditional live music all over the place to explore local! Sweet and savory treat. ) » Mexico » 50 Unmissable things to in... Yet our personal favorite building in this post visitng Merida this January 2017 tourism-board.. Taken classes because i have only visited Colorado and the Yucatan – January is a but! Staying even a bit about things before i go, Ultimate things to do in Mérida so –. Juices, taco stalls, shop around, taste things you talk about have seen being... Yet for a couple of weeks and there is always something fun going on consider returning Centro... Uber app in Merida, Mexico? died on Paseo Montejo is up. Many Airbnb hosts offer steep discounts when you stay for 28 days or longer, so Mexican pesos the... Rain jacket or a very quick Uber/taxi/bus ride to Centro using one of the and! Too – that ’ s Yucatan Peninsula, Merida has numerous venues that present the region 's and... To pack in lots of water sporting events, concerts, ballads, operas,,.

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