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That would put the customers safety at great risk. Not Now. It’s a hit or miss as Instagram does not train the shoppers how to pick out fresh produce or meat. Checked my bank register online and I was charged $306.00 instead. i loooove instacart. They honestly have the WORST customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. Based on shopper reviews and feedback online, it appears that the average pay for in-store shoppers is around $15.75 and for full-service shoppers and drivers, it is closer to $24.50. Fast forward to March and we were quarantining in our home for 14 days due to travel , symptoms and immuno compromised systems. Forget this company. His name is Mark in Saskatoon. I have chatted with several different customer service reps they all said it was going to be escalated it has been hours and no response. ", "do my best", "Instagram". "Also note not at any time was I provided nor advised that you had to hit a monthly minimum....grrMaybe this is Superstore's fault or maybe your Instacart but I never had to sign up to use the service other than signing in with my PC ID. Scrolling through dozens of Instacart worker reviews on, a site that lets people post anonymous reviews and salary information about companies, some common themes emerge: People posting on the site described being happy with the flexible scheduling, a high level of autonomy and a relatively relaxed work environment. Can’t tell you how much expired meat and fruit I’ve had to toss in the trash. But is Instacart worth it? Not Now. Our aim is to provide affordable imported products from Canada to our fellow Filipinos back home in the Philippines. I have also done instacart and they constantly deactivated my account saying I was not who I said I was even after … Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Instacart Overview. Benefits I am so appreciative of the shoppers and round up the recommended tip because they are going out when I cannot. Instacart Overview. refuse to wear a mask in store. Join the 4,833 people who’ve already reviewed Instacart. Instacart Canada Promo Codes 2020. Their agents are beyond hopeless and their system is so bad that if anything goes wrong with an order it will take you a full hour, spread over three or four contacts to get it resolved. I just ordered for the first time yesterday. I'm gonna make a YouTube video of me burning my Instacart shopping card FYI. I checked my items against the receipt and found they overcharge by roughly $10. Just got a rotisserie chicken and heavy cream in an order. Business Details Location of This Business San Francisco, CA 94105-1871 I could add or delete to my order anytime up to the day of delivery which was really nice. I was charged $240 today for groceries that were misdelivered or stolen by my shopper. I have also checked my charges and all are absolutely correct - no issues. ...I am awaiting my replacement order. I am not even able to get any decent orders anymore and yet I should be … See more of Instacart Shopper Canada on Facebook. The help desk chat platform is beyond useless and the people working those texts do not help at all and give zero information about everything. Weekly payments are made out using direct deposit or check. It was a bit challenging to get delivery windows at first and none were available for same day or next day, but I realized if you checked first thing early morning that is when windows opened up so I would have my cart ready and check out when one became available. Here's the thing, she asked me for replacement for a box of noodles that cost $20 dollars, she replaced it with 4 packs that cost 1.29 each and never adjusted the price. I waited for a week to finally receive my groceries which I understand with the pandemic going. Over all, I paid $350+ dollars for a $200 worth of groceries. When i mentioned my anger the agent/bot said "is there anything else I can help you with" Shouldn't they try to defuse the situation and remove that person from the que and alow ample time to cool down and the follow up with the shopper with counseling rather than allow the shopper to shop with an unstable mental state. Needless to say it may have only been an $74.00 order but I'm a single person so I actually take a while to gather these points. The extra charges would be refunded. Instacart was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 16, 2015 and since then this brand received 2100 reviews.. Instacart ranks 49 of 252 in Food Delivery category. Used them for the first time today for a pickup from Costco - I ordered 3 boxes of frozen croissants and ended up with 3 boxes of ready baked - they refunded the difference, but I'm not sure what to do, now, with 90 baked croissants - will try to freeze and reheat,,,:o{ Might be OK to use them to pick up obvious items - the ability to have them scan a product and compare to the order might ensure they're getting the correct thing...?! Instacart claims to keep items at the same price as they are available in store but note that in some cases the price will be higher than the store price. Very shocked to see they actually charged me $16.09. It's wonderful when it works. Instacart is one of the largest, most widely available same-day grocery delivery services across the United States and Canada. Can’t figure out if we were charged. Your experience can help others make better choices. I am a full service shopper. The last shopper had to be sent away as he bought other things instead of what I ordered, and without authorization. 47 instacart Canada coupons now on RetailMeNot. Walmart Canada and Loblaw stores alone cumulatively offer Instacart’s services across five hundred and fifty (550) retail stores across the nation. See more of Instacart Shopper Canada on Facebook. Their fees are very reasonable for a full service delivery option, but the number of retail options available in Canada … The agent said she would refund me $37 but instead, I found out when I phoned today, that it was put as a credit on my account. My "final" bill was $434.34. It's been about 12 weeks for a background check and I still get the BACKGROUND CHECK IN PROGRESS nonsense. The day came where somebody is finally doing my shopping. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Get … Beware shoppers. Instacart is one of the largest, most widely available same-day grocery delivery services across the United States and Canada. Instacart was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 16, 2015 and since then this brand received 2107 reviews.. Instacart ranks 49 of 253 in Food Delivery … 1.0 out of 5. When I phoned to ask what was going on with this I was hung up on and could not contact them again unless I use email or wait another 30-45 minutes on the phone. That's really too bad because my friends have tried other delivery services which do not offer any substitutions or changes and if out of the exact brand of milk you chose - no milk delivered. Find exclusive coupons on hundreds of items. Worst support and instacart charging 20% higher value+service fee+membership fee.I have ordered Apple Watch 6 and I paid 469$ to instacart but bestbuy received only 409$. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "STAY AWAY! as my loyalty card was not used for my purchase at Real Canadian Superstore. use my code for $10 off your first order : HF42EDE19B The best part that I didn't realize until it happened was that I could communicate with my shopper live while they were shopping my order to approve the replacement. Ratings and reviews have changed. Instacart Shopper Summary. I also found an extra “service fee” on my receipt. Then the frozen broccoli I ordered the big sizes and she got me the small sizes so there's another 8 dollar lost there. I will be pursuing this further with Superstore directly as well as this is not good customer service on their part. How is this even legal for a company to hassle this many people across the continent? Pleasant driver. No refund yet. Forgot account? Their explanation:"I’m sorry the credit didn’t apply to your purchase. Wear and tear on your … Very much appreicated! Downlo… Horrible customer service very rudeEvery time I sent complaint they reported thank you for your email if there's anything else I can help you with just contact us.They never even acknowledged my issues I sent eight emails received with reports non that considered my complaintPlus be very aware they drastically increase prices from stores you buy fromWorst experience will never use and if I know anyone who is considering using them I'll tell them what happened to me. I won't be using it again. I know it's tough these days but wear a mask and do it yourself.PS: I'm jealous that some reviewers here were contated back by instacart. Shoper help is all automated. Your first delivery is free. Maybe there will be one. Shopper texted me that he had begun shopping. Instacart is the primary delivery service used by Whole Foods, CVS Pharmacy, Fairway Market, and some other major stores.With over 150,000 reviews on the Apple App Store and a score of 4.8 out of 5, Instacart is an extremely popular site with a solid reputation. Its headquarters might be in Silicon Valley, but Instacart’s founder is Canadian Apoorva Mehta. Sort Reviews By: Dick D. 1 Review . Now they have lots of windows open . Get groceries delivered straight to your door with Instacart Canada. Get started with your application to be an Instacart … this is reason enough to STOP doing business with this American company. When I brought up the missing points with Instacart, I was told: "You can add your loyalty cards on Instacart so you can earn points or perks from the specific retailer every time you purchase through Instacart. I paid extra for 2 hour delivery and I don't have my groceries 6 hours after I should have. I complained immediately. Instacart Express is an Instacart service that unlocks free delivery fees and reduced service fees for all orders over $35. But then on my second order it doesnt let me redeem it, so naturally i contacted customer service. Also, on several occasions items are missing that have shown up as shopped. Nice idea, but it doesn’t work. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Instacart Customer Service. By anon U. St. John's. It was an okay job. More than 75% of what was ordered in my cart was suddenly “unavailable”. This would be confirmed in an email. Now, I am having difficulty getting my money back. Discounts average $10 off with a instacart Canada promo code or coupon. Instacart Reviews … Ratings and reviews have changed. I guess I’ll be calling my bank on Monday to charge back the money they took. We found for you information about the company Instacart in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Edit About Instacart: We've found and put on this page the company Instacart info, which is located in the Kelowna, region British Columbia. I found instacart and what I thought was a blessing until I found out how they do business.First, off they Don't charge you the shelf price listed at the store they make there own prices and can be inflated as high as 30% on most if not all items, this would include cost-co, superstore, wall mart and pretty much all the stores listed on their site! As the pandemic continues, food insecurity continues to … Atlanta, GA (18) San Francisco, CA (16) New York, NY (10) Mesa, AZ (9) Then they deactivated my job because they wanted a selfie and mine was not good enough. It is the perfect solution for a busy lifestyle. and yes I should have checked into it sooner that was my mistake I would have saved myself a lot of money if I had found this 4 months ago! 1.0 out of 5. Showing all 281 reviews Ok money if you work really long days Full Service Shopper (Current Employee) - Edmonton, AB - 26 August 2020 I really liked instacart at first but as I worked longer and longer the … Firstly, I was receiving a refund for meat that was way over priced and not what I ordered. My tip was adjusted and closed without my permission and Instacart can't adjust my tip and neither can the store. I’ve found that the price of the products from Instacart are usually about 3% higher than if I were to shop in the store. So far top grocery delivery service during this pandemic! 307 reviews from Instacart employees about Instacart culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. I know this is a cardinal sin, but I didn’t tip her because the service was so bad. Forgot account? My timer would still run even though I had to wait on customer responses for items out of stock. A quick way to check if the service is available near you is by checking the website . Buyer beware! Start saving. I just got back from the grocery store because I had to do the shopping myself. So I ordered Mar 21 and scheduled delivery 25th. I am one of the shopper who shop for instacart one day morning I get an email that if u complete 5 orders today you will get atleast 70$ plus all your tips and I didn't got 70$ after completion and I contacted them they told me it will take 24-48 hours for update and I didn't got it and after 4-5 days they flipped and told me I'll not get it and blahh blahhh they told me I didn't completed 5 batches although on their own app it's showing I completed 5 batches. Becoming an Instacart shopper won’t make you rich, but it is a legit and viable side hustle option. Start your review of Instacart Delivery! Will never use this service again. I ordered a delivery I was on the Superstore website. It seems simple, right? He texted the display with a price of $13.99. Ordered from Safeway where i get a club discount. In turn, Instacart will match every order with a 100 meal donation (up to 500,000 meals) to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada | Banques alimentaires Canada which together support more than 700 food banks across North America. However, redeeming your points or rewards cannot be done through Instacart and you have to make the purchase directly from the retailer." Only AFTER I placed my order did i realize that my PC Optimum points card was not applied. I book about a week in takes planning. or. Check out the full review below to learn about the pros and cons of Instacart… We found for you information about the company Instacart in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Edit About Instacart: We've found and put on this page the company Instacart info, which is located in the Sarnia, region Ontario. So, lesson learned! Instacart review. I immediately contacted them and got a dry response. Instacart is consistently THE WORST I have EVER had the displeasure of using. This article reviews Instacart Express, and whether it's … Instagram is great for simple boxed items, but not great for anything fresh, meat and or produce. I have Covid and no other way to get groceries. Everything was exactly as I ordered and in good condition. Additionally, many times I’ve had shoppers and drivers utilize other accounts and that were not my listed person which may have been why the experience/training went so poorly. Received the receipt from Safeway with my order, $202.00. In turn, Instacart will match every order with a 100 meal donation (up to 500,000 meals) to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada | Banques alimentaires Canada which together support more than 700 food banks across North America. I ordered $240 of groceries from Costco through Instacart. What the heck? So now we have placed 6 orders and I subscribed monthly to avoid the delivery charge. While the idea of instacart is great, it doesn't respect the privacy of the customers. Instacart Overview. Oh, and the frozen stuff were all thawed so I can't even put them in freezer. I don't know why this is has not been approached yet. They sell your info and the service delivery is so bad it's laughable. For business purposes: We may use your information to help us provide, maintain and improve the Instacart service. So, I decided to take their offer of 2 weeks of free delivery because I have to quarantine before travel. For example, we may use your information to contact you (including via text/SMS messaging), respond to your communications and requests, provide support, process your payments, verify your identity, and to evaluate and ensure the health and safety of our shoppers and … It was great having food delivered instead of having to pick it up. sometimes TEN. I have twice explained the error to Instacart but have received no acknowledgement of the complaint. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! The reviews at the Play store are enough for me to say STOP NO DONT waste your time. Customer service is a failure and the only resort is to cancel my credit card in order to avoid future unauthorized transaction. Even if this money is returned, this is dishonest business exploiting a national tragedy. so i fill my cart while im at work and schedule delivery for just about the time im getting home so that i can meet the shopper right away. I can understand the concern on markups on higher priced items but it’s acceptable for groceries. I had my son sit here the entire two hours of our time window (3pm-5pm) to accept the delivery. Set your own schedule, be a household hero, and earn money quickly. Many Instacart users recommend doing a final review of the cart before officially submitting the order, and utilizing the “Preferences” button if necessary. Well, it’s more complex than that. The reviews about working for Instacart are mixed. Once you’ve reached your goal, you can apply the promo code to your order and receive the credit. I was not paid what I was supposed to be at times and there was no way to get a hold of someone to fix any problems that came up.

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