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Our linen service consists of spotting, washing, and iron pressing all household laundry. Bring in your bed sheets, bed skirts, pillow cases, couch covers, duvets, comforters, table linens, table runners and covers, napkins, drapes, and other household items for finely pressed cleaning, laundry, and folding. Household linens and bedding is such a wide category that it requires the experienced knowledge of different cleaning methods used for the various materials and qualities. We hand finish your household goods and ensure environmentally safe green cleaning processes all around. Unlike other cleaners, we are one of the few that own and operate a sheet ironer in our main plant in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, allowing us to promise you quick and superior turnaround. This one of a kind machinery, coupled with both ecological and uniquely garment specific treatments, provides you with the best laundry service and personal care for your household linens and items in order to enhance their useful life and keep your home looking delightful.